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Writing Aides - AI for Authors: Writing Novels with ChatGPT

Writing Aides - AI for Authors: Writing Novels with ChatGPT

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You can use an AI like ChatGPT to write a bad story very easily. But can you use an AI like ChatGPT to write a GOOD story, YOUR story? Can ChatGPT help you write a novel worth reading?

ChatGPT is great at writing polite and dry work emails. But fiction?

For fiction, we don't want dry or cliche. We want a style with color, conflict, personality, and verve. We want to grub in the dirt with bare toes and feel our hairs hackle at the scent of danger. We want blood and guts, sex and smut. We want to be teased not told, lured not lectured. We want exactly what the current models of ChatGPT are designed to avoid.

But there are proven techniques for using ChatGPT and other similar programs to help YOU create the story you want.

This book will show you not only how to use ChatGPT to write MORE book, but to write MORE ORIGINAL BOOKS, more creative and better researched novels.

Prompting is not enough. But the ideas in this book will help you:

-- understand the basics of how to sign up and prompt ChatGPT
-- use ChatGPT to streamline your worldbuilding, research and characters faster than ever
-- use ChatGPT to either "Discover" or "Outline" a detailed chapter-by-chapter plot
-- use ChatGPT to write the backbones of exciting, original scenes that you prune and tune to your style


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