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The Unfinished Song: The Third Trilogy

The Unfinished Song: The Third Trilogy

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(Three Book Set): Mask, Mirror, Maze

An epic, romantic, fairytale… About THE UNFINISHED SONG Series LONG AGO, to win a war, humans Cursed the Aelfae, fairest and wisest of the faeries…. But all magic has a price. The same Curse that destroyed the Aelfae now threatens all of Faearth. One young woman and the warrior she loves must fight the Curse to prove which is stronger…love or death.

DINDI must honor her pledge to save the Aelfae from extinction or die with the fae she has sworn to protect. But to do that, she first must become the Vaedi--the strongest magic dancer of the Rainbow Labyrinth tribe.

KAVIO is the half-human son of the Last Aelfae, seemingly returned from the dead. He has pledged to help Dindi become Vaedi, even if he can never have her himself. For he hides a secret, hidden even from himself, a darkness that is part of the darkness slowly consuming the world...

Can she defend the world from Lady Death while the man she loves descends into Death's seductive shadow?


BOOK SETS (Read three novels in one set – best value!) NOVELS (in order):
1-3: Initiate, Taboo, Sacrifice
4-6: Root, Wing, Blood
7-9: Mask, Mirror, Maze
10-12: Sworn, Flute, Wheel (Coming Soon)

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