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Misque Press

The Unfinished Song, Book 8 - Mirror

The Unfinished Song, Book 8 - Mirror

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The Windwheel, created long ago by the Aelfae, just may hold the magic Dindi needs to honor her pledge to resurrect them. Unfortunately, the Windwheel is secreted deep in the Labyrinth, guarded by a terrible monster.

Dindi is going to need a weapon—the Looking Bowl—to fight the beast. And she’s not the only one searching for a way into the Labyrinth. Several other Aspirants, young women who want to be Vaedi, pledge to help her find the Looking Bowl. Among them are Dindi’s bitterest rivals and her best friends—but even if the women can recover the Looking Bowl, can she trust any of them?

Kavio and his rival, Zumo embark on a quest of their own. The two rivals agree to work together to lead a band of warriors deep into the territory of an enemy tribe. Kavio is certain that it’s only a matter of time before Zumo betrays him… the only question is how far Zumo will go, and whether Kavio can stop him without sacrificing more lives.

But there is another player on the field neither Dindi nor Kavio can overpower. Lady Death herself is walking among them, disguised as an ordinary maiden. And she has an agenda of her own which could doom both the Aelfae and humankind.


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