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The Unfinished Song, Book 7 - Mask

The Unfinished Song, Book 7 - Mask

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DINDI has defeated her enemies, the Bone Whistler and Lady Death—for now. But they are only in retreat, not destroyed. She knows they will regain their strength all too soon. And they will be looking for her. She won’t be strong enough to face them again until she claims her right as Vaedi. Until then, she must continue to hide her true identity. Dindi has a new ally in the White Lady, but also a new unexpected enemy, who doesn’t believe that Dindi is the true Vaedi, and has vowed to unmask her. But the biggest danger to her is falling in love again with the man who has broken her heart before…Kavio.


KAVIO remembers nothing of who he is or how he lost his memories. He accompanies Dindi to the heart of Faearth, the Rainbow Labyrinth tribehold, where all the most powerful dancers in the land are gathering to compete. The man and woman with the strongest magic will become the new War Chief and Vaedi—the leaders of the tribe—and also husband and wife. Kavio vows to be Dindi’s partner in the contest, even though he knows she cares nothing for him personally. He’s not even sure he can trust her. Unfortunately, he is falling in love with her…


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