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Hot Dog Detective, Trilogy 9 - YZA Trilogy

Hot Dog Detective, Trilogy 9 - YZA Trilogy

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Mark MacFarland, former Denver Police Detective, after three years living homeless and drunk on the streets of Denver, has been selling hot dogs from a cart located a block from where he used to work. But that’s just his day job. He also solves crimes. His foray back into solving crimes has also earned him a bit of notoriety. He’s been on the evening news and has attracted the attention of both friend and foe. And while the publicity does bring more customers to his hot dog business, it also brings danger and intrigue.


The room was dark. Heavy curtains cut off any light, moonlight or artificial light, which might filter in through the windows. The man closed the door behind him. No light came in from the hallway, since the man had disabled the lights in the narrow passage. 

With the room so dark, the shadows so deep, the intruder had to depend on his memory to be sure of who and what was where.  He pulled the knife out of his belt and held it, point downwards, ready to strike.

The child stirred, causing the intruder to freeze. Was the child awake? Was the young boy staring at him?

Now the man wished that the curtains weren’t so effective at cutting out the light. He had to know if the child was staring at him, staring into his very soul. He had to know that the child did not know the heart of the man holding the knife.


Tom Flannery loved hockey. Playing in the NHL had been his lifelong dream. When he  was hired to help the maintenance crew by driving the Zamboni during Avalanche hockey games.

But now he is dead.

Was he killed by a gang trying to rob him…or was he killed to cover up hanky panky on the hockey rink?

MacFarland goes undercover to find the answers to Tom’s sudden demise.


Ma!cFarland has his life under control. He’s beaten his addiction; he’s established what promises to be a successful PI business; and he’s in love with the woman of his dreams. What’s even more amazing is that she loves him back.

But MacFarland also has enemies, and now they’ve kidnapped Cynthia Pierson. Can MacFarland find her before her captors execute her?

The Absent Ally is the final exciting conclusion to the Hot Dog Detective saga.

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