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Hot Dog Detective, Book 12 - The Lazy Lawyer

Hot Dog Detective, Book 12 - The Lazy Lawyer

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When The Lawyer is Accused...

Case Number 12

Most of the time, Defense Attorney Jerry Baker asked MacFarland to find the evidence he needs to get one of his usually guilty clients a lesser sentence or even off the hook. Most of the time, MacFarland does so because he trusts Baker’s judgment about people. But this time, it’s different. This time it’s Jerry Baker who is accused of murder.

Jerry Baker is the prime suspect in the murder of his co-counsel. The evidence looks bad: a gun that had been in Baker’s desk was the murder weapon, Baker’s prints are on the gun, and there is evidence that Baker and his co-counsel didn’t see eye-to-eye on how to advance their case.

MacFarland can’t believe his friend is guilty. But to prove Baker’s innocence, MacFarland will have to find out who really killed the Lazy Lawyer.

This is the twelfth of twenty-seven books in the Hot Dog Detective series. Follow Mark MacFarland’s adventures as he redefines who he is.


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Customer Reviews

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Michael Nethery
HDD-Book 12 The Lasy Lawyer

Yes, this is another fabulous book. However, Everyone who writes serial always says you don't need to read them in order! Thats crazy 🤪 talk!.
You get an author who knows how and and what they are doing, you want to be in order.
The lovely Ms Adam's knows how to flesh out her characters. So each creation stands on its own and is a testament to it's creation. I love how each character gets that much stronger, more powerful and more dependant on.
Totally have fallen for this series and really enjoying where it's taking me as well.
You also need to catch up on her Ghost series! That is just a barrel full of comedy and good solid writing. Keep them coming Mathiya!