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Hot Dog Detective, Book 11 - The Kitchen Khemist

Hot Dog Detective, Book 11 - The Kitchen Khemist

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Mac and Cyn, Undercover at a Sex Club!

Case Number 11

Mark MacFarland, a former detective with the Denver Police Department, always knew that the Mile High City had a seamier side, but it had never been his particular playground. After all, despite its lurid reputation, Denver’s kink community was relatively peaceful and unobtrusive.

That all changes when Thorne Rose, a submissive participating in a BDSM “scene” dies. At first the death is ruled accidental…but that all changes when the ME discovers poison in the young lady’s body. Then suspicion falls on the man who was beating her at the time, David Von Hoffman, also known as the Kitchen Khemist.

Did he really kill his submissive? Or is someone else responsible for poisoning Thorne Rose? MacFarland finds himself immersed in the exotic kinky world of Denver’s BDSM community as he tries to discover if his client is an innocent man or a sadistic killer.

This is the first of twenty-seven books in the Hot Dog Detective series. Follow Mark MacFarland’s adventures as he redefines who he is.


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