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Hot Dog Detective, Book 7 - The Groping Gardener

Hot Dog Detective, Book 7 - The Groping Gardener

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A Garden Left Untended

Case Number 7

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Tomas Aleciades has a big handicap. He’s nearly blind. That doesn’t stop him from doing what he most loves…gardening. What will stop him, though, is being accused of murder.

MacFarland is asked by his good friend Jacinto Gomez to prove that Aleciades is innocent. To do that, MacFarland will have to contend with a very naughty thirteen-year old girl, an angry father, crooked cops, and his own doubts and uncertainty.

Will MacFarland be able to prove the nearly blind gardener is neither a peeping tom nor a killer by finding the person responsible for the murder of a young mother?

This is the seventh of twenty-seven books in the Hot Dog Detective series. Follow Mark MacFarland’s adventures as he redefines who he is.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Susan Heffele
Great read

I really like the Hot Dog Detective books. I can get into them and understand the characters. I feel like I know them personally.

Angelina Torres
Barely started the series!

I haven't gotten as far as no. 7 but the bit I've read has been pretty good.

Linda Owens

Hot Dog Detective, Book 7 - The Groping Gardener