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Arcana Glen Holiday Novella 2 - An Enchanted Valentine's Day: The Griffin & the Fake Bride

Arcana Glen Holiday Novella 2 - An Enchanted Valentine's Day: The Griffin & the Fake Bride

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Dominique Snowclaw doesn’t regret that her first marriage to the Magician, a powerful arcane wizard, has ended. It was never a real marriage anyway. She does regret the decades she spent trapped in a curse thanks to that ill-fated marriage.

But she’s not bitter. She’s happy to join the private security group, Delson’s Rangers, that is providing magical protection for the Magician’s wedding to his latest bride. However, when she learns that the only way to avert a threat from an unknown enemy may be to enter another fake marriage... to her biggest rival on the team, Hype, a sexy Griffin Shifter, she fears that the only thing worse than a curse might be a broken heart.



Hyperion Quetz, known as “Hype,” to his buddies in Delson’s Rangers, is proud to have fought by his prince’s side for years, both in their native realm of Summerland and here on Earth. Now his prince wants the arcane rangers to protect the wedding his ally, the Magician.

The rangers receive clues that whoever is married in the chapel will be cursed. The only way to stop the curse is to fake another wedding there first. Hype loves his job, but pretend to marry sexy but infuriating Snow Leopard Shifter, Dominque Snowclaw? That’s asking too much!

Without a choice, he agrees to the marriage of convenience—but only until the culprit is caught. After that, he intends to walk away from Dominique... never anticipating he may be caught in a trap of the heart.

Will this marriage of convenience between a Mythic Shifter and a Snow Leopard Shifter end in a second chance for love... or magical mayhem?

WELCOME TO ARCANA GLEN... a small town with a Castle hidden in the Rocky Mountains where Elves, Witches, Dragons, Fae, Griffins and other Shifters can all find their fated mates and true love...

This is a stand-alone HEA sweet paranormal romance that is set in the universe of The Magician and the Fool.


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