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Arcana Glen Holiday Novella 1 - An Enchanted New Year: The Tarot Reader & the Elf Prince

Arcana Glen Holiday Novella 1 - An Enchanted New Year: The Tarot Reader & the Elf Prince

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Tia Chamas moved to Arcana Glen to help her grandmother run her shop, Tea & Tarot. When a handsome stranger turns on New Year Day for a Tarot reading, Tia doesn’t expect her weak magic to be good enough to receive a real prophecy. To her shock, she has a terrible vision that warns her that her mystery guest is an Elf Prince, and his life is in danger. She vows to do whatever she must to save him.

She didn’t 
intend to magically bind him to her side!


Delson Norion has been in exile and hiding among mundanes for ten years. He’s come to the small mountain town of Arcana Glen for one reason: To assassinate the murderous Magician who killed Delson’s aunt and helped kill his parents. When Tia, a beautiful witch, traps him with her spell, at first all he wants is to break the binding. Even if he survives his dangerous mission, he is obligated to marry an Elf Princess, not a human Tarot reader.

But when he realizes that enemies are trying to kill Tia, Delson’s priorities change. Now he has more reason than ever to slay the evil protect the woman he can never have.

This sweet and funny paranormal romance is a stand-alone HEA love story set in the same town and time as The Magician & the Fool, with some overlapping characters.


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Arcana Glen Holiday Novella

Great book if you like this sort of book. Has great plot and character's. Well written

Reviewed by [****]