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Arcana Glen Holiday Novella 4 - An Enchanted Easter: The Wolf’s Second Chance Romance

Arcana Glen Holiday Novella 4 - An Enchanted Easter: The Wolf’s Second Chance Romance

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Damien comes from a family of Bighorn Sheep Shifters, but he has a second form—a wolf. And for a guy whose family has been involved in a feud with the local Wolf Shifter clan for generations, that’s a problem. Three years ago, he messed up everything. He made the feud worse, he stole from his own parents—and he broke his girlfriend’s heart.

Now he’s back to make amends... but he fears some mistakes are unforgivable.


After the boy she loved frightened Evangeline, she swore she wouldn’t ever allow him near her anymore. When she’s blindsided by his unexpected return, she swears she’s not going to make the same mistake twice. Other people may forgive Damien, but Evangeline never will!

However, when they are paired together to plan Arcana Glen’s Easter Egg Hunt, she sees another side of him that makes her question everything that happened between them.

But will learning his secrets be enough to change her mind about forgiving him? Or will the truth drive them even further apart?

This sweet and clean paranormal romance is a stand-alone HEA love story set in the same town and time as The Magician & the Fool and The Tarot Reader’s New Year Promise, with some overlapping characters.


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