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Arcana Glen Holiday Novella 3 - An Enchanted St Patrick’s Day: The Leprechaun & the Lost Princess

Arcana Glen Holiday Novella 3 - An Enchanted St Patrick’s Day: The Leprechaun & the Lost Princess

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When Misty found a handsome man tied to a chair in a storeroom, beaten and abused, she was shocked. At the risk to her job and her life, she freed him. Together, they escaped her former boss in New Orleans and fled to Arcana Glen.
But when Misty’s boss caught up with her, he claims the man she freed is a con and a thief. Not to mention, he thinks he’s a real leprechaun, so he must be crazy—right? Her boss asks her to spy on the handsome thief as part of a sting. All she has to do is pretend to be a lost leprechaun princess.
Who should she trust? Her boss or the red-haired rogue she’s falling in love with?

Branigan is a real Leprechaun, and no, he’s not a little cartoon, but a man with Luck magic, desperate to free his kingdom from an invasion by Winter Elves. To help his people, he needs to steal back the gold that was stolen from them.
But how can Branigan expect a human woman to believe any of that?
Then he discovers that Misty is not only the brave, kind-hearted woman that’s he’s lost his heart to, but the last of the Leprechaun royal line.
Or is she pulling a swindle of her own?

WELCOME TO ARCANA GLEN... a small town with a Castle hidden in the Rocky Mountains where Elves, Witches, Dragons, Fae, Griffins and other Shifters can all find their fated mates and true love... IF YOU LOVE DRAGON PARANORMAL ROMANCE, and ENEMIES TO LOVERS romance, you'll love this book.

This is a stand-alone HEA sweet paranormal romance that is set in the universe of The Magician and the Fool and The Tarot Reader's New Year Promise.


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