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Misque Press

Arcana Glen 12 - The Tree and the Egg

Arcana Glen 12 - The Tree and the Egg

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Over the past year, the Twenty-Two Guardians, who each represent a power of a Major Arcana in the Tarot, have finally all been Called by the Light to serve. Furthermore, each of them have found their soulmates. The eleven couples are now ready to stand against the Dark Triad's plans to conquer all the Spheres.

However, the Seeress has had a Vision that one of the Guardians is a Traitor. That not only puts the whole Tree of Worlds in danger, it means one person's true love is false.


Note: All the other books in the Major Arcana series can be read independently, although they are probably more enjoyable in order. However, this is the conclusion of the series that finally answers the question--who massacred the former Guardians ten years ago? And will that hidden enemy succeed in annihilating the Guardians again?


Kyrah shivered on her iron cot and sat up. At least it was not always nighttime, although it felt like that because the days were so short. She went to the window, which was small and high up and also had iron bars. Outside, she could see the clear sky and more buildings, tall towers made out of blocks of ice with dark shadows deep in the heart of them.

The entire city was cursed. There were thousands of souls trapped just in the blocks of ice themselves, and most of the people that shuffled along the icy boulevards of Izdarq were also cursed in some way. Most of them were slaves, and those who are not slaves were almost as bad off, living in grinding poverty, addicted to dark magic, involved in crime just to survive.

She had never been to this land before, but as a powerful empath and telepath, she could not block out the thoughts and emotions of those around her. The pain of the denizens of the city was more bitter to her than the terrible cold. It weighed down on her, it drained her energy. When people around her were severely depressed she felt depressed too. When she was exposed to so much sadness, it was impossible not to feel sad. The rage at the heart of it all stung like lashes against her bare skin.

On top of the emotions of those in the city, she battled her own fear and depression and rage. She was a prisoner here and she did not know what would become of her. The Dark Triad included at least one member of the royal Court of Swords, the rulers of Winterdom. Their goal was to subjugate all of the Spheres on the Tree of Worlds and make them just as terrible as this.

For there were people in this hideous city who enjoyed the misery of the others. The most powerful magic users among the Azir, the Winter Elves, used not just Elemental Wind magic, but dark psychic magic as well. They were psychic vampires, Mind Flayers, who drank in the misery of others to experience ecstasy. The worst of them no longer needed to eat material food or sleep at night. They derived all their sustenance from pain, like demons.

The door at the far end of the dungeon rattled and a tall Elven man entered. The Prince of Winter came to visit her once a day. His skin was pale, almost translucent, like ice, and his hair was crystal white, with a hint of palest blue, like snow. His eyes were hard and cold like steel. He was handsome in his way, she supposed, but he lacked the warmth of Kyrah’s soul mate and husband, Michael, who was not only physically handsome but who radiated sunshine and compassion. Of course, Michael was a literal angel, whereas the Azir Prince looked as if he were a piece of glacier come to life.

“Prince Torqanel.” Kyrah looked at him hopelessly. “Your world is killing me. I cannot endure much more. The pain will kill me.”


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