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Misque Press

Arcana Glen 11 - Judgement and the World

Arcana Glen 11 - Judgement and the World

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Long ago, fallen angel Raziel sold his to save the woman he loved. Then she betrayed him.

Now Raziel is a captive of the Guardians, on trial for a heinous crime. And the only one who can prove his innocence is the woman who tore out his heart.

The outcome of this angsty lovers to enemies tragedy could lead to redemption and an epic second chance romance… or doom the whole world as an arcane Elven War threatens the Mundane world itself.

If you love stories about brooding, tortured angels and love that overcomes everything, you'll love this stand alone romance with a happy-ever-after!

This story is set in the world of Arcana Glen and features recurring characters from other books in the series.


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