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Arcana Glen 10 - The Tower and the Star

Arcana Glen 10 - The Tower and the Star

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Lyra Izarra is thrilled when her singing audition results in an invitation to record a record label. After years of performing in small town dives, this could be her chance to become a star.

Instead of a dream come true, her nightmare begins. The whole thing was a demonic trap. Lyra is kidnapped and sold as an exotic slave in the magical kingdom of the Ice Giants, Jotunheim in Winterdom.

John Helwall is half Ice Giant and half Storm Dragon. He is also one of the heirs to the throne of Jotunheim—a throne that can only be won by brutal battle to the death against all other contenders.

He doesn’t want the throne. But he vows to win or die trying when he sees that the winner will also be given the beautiful singer Lyra… the girl he met back on Earth and thought he would never have.

Welcome to Arcana Glen, a magical town hidden in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado....

Here arcanes of all types are free to be themselves... Elves, Witches, Shifters, Seraphs, Dragons and more.

But until the Twenty-Two Guardians are restored to power, the Elven War rages among the arcanes. What’s the solution?

True Love, of course!


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