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Misque Press

Arcana Glen 8 - The Demon & the Dryad

Arcana Glen 8 - The Demon & the Dryad

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Naya found him injured in the forest.


Naya is a Dryad and a Healer. She also owns a water mill and forested land in Colorado. When she finds a stranger who needs her help, she offers it, no questions asked.

She has no idea that the gorgeous stranger is really a Demon Prince.

To win back his place in hell, Vass has to steal Naya’s land… and her soul.

Pretending to be an ordinary shifter, he gets a job at her water mill. He’s stolen a magic truck that enables him to erase any mistakes, so it should be easy.

He never counted on falling for the woman he was trying to seduce.

Welcome to Arcana Glen, a magical town hidden in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado....

Here arcanes of all types are free to be themselves... Elves, Witches, Shifters, Seraphs, Dragons and more.

Warning: This book deals with issues of addiction and uses stronger language than most Arcana Glen books.


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