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Arcana Glen 7 - Death and the Detective

Arcana Glen 7 - Death and the Detective

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Miles Malone died last night.

No one is more surprised than he is when he crawls out of a dumpster this morning, the blast hole in his chest magically healed.


He doesn’t believe in magic, though he has no other explanation. The Magician might have more information, but he’ll only share if Miles agrees to do something for him in return... but Miles doesn’t trust the eccentric billionaire who 
seems to think magic is real.

Meanwhile, Miles has a job to do. He’s a private investigator, and a woman has come to him figure out the mystery of why healthy young men are dying at a local veteran’s hospital.

Miles is afraid it might have something to do with 
the beautiful woman he invited on a date for the Fourth of July picnic. A nurse that patients call the Angel of Death...

Welcome to Arcana Glen, a magical town hidden in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado....

Here arcanes of all types are free to be themselves... Elves, Witches, Shifters, Seraphs, Dragons and more.

But until the Twenty-Two Guardians are restored to power, the Elven War rages among the arcanes. What’s the solution?

True Love, of course!

Each book in the Arcana Glen Major Arcana Series has a new couple and a stand-alone Happily Ever After. However, the underlying mystery of who killed all the previous Guardians runs through the whole series and will be solved by clues that come together in the last book. If you enjoy the cozy mystery portion of the book, read the whole series in order.


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