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Misque Press

Arcana Glen 6 - The Lawyer and the Leprechaun

Arcana Glen 6 - The Lawyer and the Leprechaun

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She upholds the law.

Eleni Bendox may be a gorgon with snakes for hair and a lethal inheritance, but she's also the Federal Prosecutor for mundanes and arcanes alike.

He bends the rules.

Owen McGee has always had good fortune... and he's needed it, because he's usually just one step ahead of a horde of enemies, some of whom, sadly, happen to be agents of the law who fail to appreciate his good intentions. But now a curse has Reversed his luck.

Unfortunately, now Eleni and Owen are magically chained together and stuck in a runaway car careening down a mountain road toward a cliff. They better learn to work together quick if they are to survive and find out who hogtied them together and why.

Do opposites attract romance? Or will the urge to betray the other be too tempting?

This is a stand-alone HEA paranormal romance that is part of the Major Arcana series. It has a hot Irish Leprechaun rogue and a sassy Gorgon heroine. Opposites-Attract Romance.


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