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Arcana Glen 5 - Moxie and the Maverick

Arcana Glen 5 - Moxie and the Maverick

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Moxie escaped the laboratory, but she swore to rescue her brother.

Born a strong Lion Shifter, today Moxie can only shift into an adorable kitten. She needs her powers back if she is to take on the shadowy organization that performs cruel and illegal experiments on Shifters.

But when she returns to Arcana Glen to embark on her plan of rescue, instead she falls into the clutches of a mad scientist.

He straps her naked to his operating table…

… intending to experiment on the lovely and mysterious woman, Maverick discovers a secret about himself instead.

Maverick lives alone in a secret underground bunker, but he has no idea how strange he truly is until he captures a beautiful woman with the amazing ability to turn into a cat.

This modern Dr Frankenstein never expects his lovely “experiment” to reveal that he is not who he thought he was.

Questioning everything he was trained to believe, Maverick no longer knows if his captive is really his enemy... or his salvation.

 Can she tame this handsome but clueless nerd and show him the strength of love?

Welcome to Arcana Glen, a magical town hidden in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado....

Here arcanes of all types are free to be themselves... Elves, Witches, Shifters, Seraphs, Dragons and more.

But until the Twenty-Two Guardians are restored to power, the Elven War rages among the arcanes. What’s the solution?

True Love, of course!

This is a stand-alone romance with a Happy Ending that is Book 5 in the Major Arcana Series.


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