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Misque Press

Arcana Glen 4 - The Witch and the Warrior

Arcana Glen 4 - The Witch and the Warrior

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Which is stronger, Love or War?

Chet is a demon warlord, with an Infernal Tank that can reset Time itself, enabling him to restart a battle over and over again, until he wins.

And Chet 
always wins.

Which is stronger—the Immovable Object or the Unstoppable Force?

Corazita is a witch who specializes in love potions. When two groups of warring soldiers converge on her mountain ranch house, she ends the fighting the only way she knows how: she casts a love spell over everyone.

Now the demon who had planned to capture her falls in love with her. But when the love spell wears off, he’s going to be even more furious with her than before...

Can the ultimate Enemies become Lovers?


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