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Arcana Glen 3 - The Dragon and the Slayer

Arcana Glen 3 - The Dragon and the Slayer

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As a teenager, Troy fell into a magic video game, where he became a Dragon Slayer the Summoned Hero and Savior of the Elven Kingdom of Summerland. But when his quest to save the magic kingdom was done, he was sent back to the Mundane world. Now he has no job, no car, no girlfriend and he lives at home with his parents. He can’t share the truth that magic is real with anyone... until a stranger shows up and tells Troy that the Elves need his help once again.


Princess Victoria leads the Dragon community in Arcana Glen, Colorado. When the Slayer who killed her father falls into her hands, her people expect her to avenge the Dragon King and claim her ancient family role as Empress. But the only way to avoid a war with the Elves is make an alliance. And the only way to make an alliance is to marry the handsome Dragon Slayer who killed her father.

WELCOME TO ARCANA GLEN... a small town with a Castle hidden in the Rocky Mountains where Elves, Witches, Dragons, Fae, Griffins and other Shifters can all find their fated mates and true love... IF YOU LOVE DRAGON PARANORMAL ROMANCE, and ENEMIES TO LOVERS romance, you'll love this book.

This is a stand-alone HEA sweet paranormal romance that is set in the universe of The Magician and the Fool


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