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Arcana Glen 2 - The Seeress and the Seraph

Arcana Glen 2 - The Seeress and the Seraph

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Would the gorgeous Angel help her… or hunt her?


Kyrah Nestor can’t stand crowds, hugs, or even human touch. An extreme empath, any time she touches others, she relives their worst memories and deepest secrets. Or worse—she has Visions, prophecies about the future that she feels powerless to fight. As if that weren’t enough, she also sees ghosts. She’s learned not to tell anyone, not even her best friend, Bethany, about her clairvoyancy, for fear of being called crazy.

But when Bethany is in danger, Kyrah leaves her comfort zone to travel to Arcana Glen to help her friend. Kyrah hopes the Visions won’t be as bad in the tiny mountain town. She rents a room from a man with the body of a pagan god and the sweet face of an angel.

Unfortunately, she encounters more ghosts than ever—and they all want something from her. Plus, she has a terrible Vision hinting that her hot landlord is anything but angelic.

And let’s not even mention the problem with the zombies.


Michael Lamb enjoys his work on Earth as the simple pastor of a mountain church. Although the town is filled with arcanes, few people realize that he is really a Seraph from Lighthaven. But after the betrayal of his best friend, Michael feels as confused and lost as any mundane human or arcane Sheep Shifter in his flock. He vows never to miss the signs of a Fallen Soul again.

Then a dark beauty arrives in town at the same time that a mysterious necromancer is raising a zombie army. Could the innocent dark-haired woman renting a room from him secretly be the evil necromancer? If so, it’s Michael’s job to exile her from Earth. But all he wants to do is invite her out to dinner…

The Seeress and the Seraph is a stand-alone, enemies-to-lovers, slow-burn HEA (happily-ever-after) fantasy love story. This book is also the second in The Major Arcana Series, a series of interconnected but stand-alone romances with an underlying murder mystery subplot. Each book has a new Heroine and Hero whose story is resolved by the end of the book.


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