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Misque Press

Arcana Glen Novella 1 - Door of Dreams

Arcana Glen Novella 1 - Door of Dreams

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Elf librarian Ezina Mezrellen has been ordered to gather prohibited books from the Great Library to be destroyed at the order of the King of Swords. If she refuses, the librarians themselves will be slain.

A handsome knight, Zorinir Chabir, has been tasked with watching her to ensure she obeys the order. 

But Zorinir tells her there may be a way to save the books and the librarians. The King of Swords has been searching for the Door of Dreams. If Ezina could tell him where in the library it hides, he would spare the books.

This is a sweet, stand-alone novellette fantasy romance. It is set in the world of the Tarot Guardians and warring Elves of Arcana Glen. You can also enjoy other books set in the same enchanted town.

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