The Crystal Cove Series of Cozy Mysteries

Who is Sally O'Brian?

For most of her life, Sally O'Brian was an unremarkable primary grade schoolteacher. She was married to a wonderful man she had met and fallen in love with while in college. She and Matthew are the parents of a daughter, Jennifer, who is now married and has a child of her own. 

Sally's tranquil life comes an end when she uncovers a fraud scheme being perpetrated at her place of work. She exposes some of the people behind the fraud, but in the process is forced into retirement. Though discouraged, Sally is not the kind of woman to let setbacks keep her down. She begins to work with her husband in his investment business.

And then, something does happen that devastates her.

Sally's husband Matt dies in a horrific car accident. Sally herself remarkably survives the horrendous car crash...but as a result of the accident, she discovers that she can see ghosts.


Sally Becomes an Investigator

When it comes to solving murders, Sally is a novice. But she has a host of people to help her: an ornery Chief of Police who once was her husband's rival; an up and coming detective who wants to make his mark as he advances his career; and an assortment of people who live in Crystal Cove and are willing to do just about anything for Sally O'Brian.


Sally, the Speaker for the Dead...

Sally never asked for her role as a speaker for the dead, but who else has the capability to do this? And, to solve her own husband's murder, Sally feels an obligation to help those who are trapped here in the Earthly realm to move on.

The question that constantly nags her, though, is a simple one. Does she really want her dead husband to move on?


Introducing "Crystal Cove 1 - The Ghost on the Stairs"

If you're interested in a fascinating exploration of the afterlife,  "Crystal Cove 1 - The Ghost on the Stairs" is the story for you. This is the first in an emerging series of cozy mysteries that will surely delight you. 


Why should you get "Crystal Cove 1 - The Ghost on the Stairs"?

"Crystal Cove 1 - The Ghost on the Stairs" is a must-read for anyone intrigued by the supernatural, fascinated with cozy mysteries, and enamored with California coastal towns. 

Get your copy of "Crystal Cove 1 - The Ghost on the Stairs" for free here and unlock the secrets of ghostly homicides. The Ghost on the Stairs is available on other e-book sales channels, but it will not be for free.

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